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From June B

 Hello to you, I found you on Friday when I was looking for something good to listen to. I was 13 when radio London closed down. I was devastated, thinking the world had ended. I did not spend half as much time concentrating on school work as I did listening to pirate radio. It was such a magical time to live through. Believe it or not I have never voted Labour and would never do so because of what they did by bringing in the marine Offences Act. I had forgotten about the Love Affair song A Day Without Love. Maybe one day you may play airport song by Magna Carta and Mockingbird by Barclay James Harvest. I did not think that in my lifetime I would hear the adverts and jingles and former DJs on Radio London who have sadly since passed away ever again. I tell youngsters they would never have the radio stations they have got now if it was not for those innovative days of the best radio and music ever produced. All the best and thank you from June and Rosa the Labrador who has just had her
tea and a short walk.

Regards June





From Sterling

Great stuff.
Far more true to type than other invented alternatives.
All brilliant, Garry. Works far better than Atlantis.

Well done!

Best wishes, Sterling





From Ian G

Hi Radio London,

I've been listening to the test transmissions/automation most days for about a fortnight and have been really impressed with the music played; with a great amount of unknown/lesser-known records.

I always look forward to presented shows but I'm often disappointed. Most simply churn out a succession of the hits everyone knows; an example being this afternoon after the Big L closedown etc.

Is the music output likely to continue after today?

Ian G





From Mark L


Wow what a fantastic surprise to hear Wonderful Radio London again after all these years couldn’t believe it at first. You have just found yourselves one loyal listener and I will make sure this is piped round my wheelhouse loudly and permanently as of this morning where I employ 52 staff who will now become listeners (-: great stuff please stay forever. Still cant believe how great this sounds thanks a million for bring this back and sounding exactly as in the 60’s just one word FANTASTIC.





From Stewart

Listening in To WRL226 through I Tunes perfect where I am .

Well done Garry.






From Uncle Nico

Garry: A big thank you for the Now Playing banner, enabling us to look what great song is being played. I love the music of the period covered by Wonderful Radio London 266, and it's also great to hear the lesser known tracks like Mike Sarne, Bert Weedon and Anita Bryant, some of them I would not have recognized without the Now Playing on the homepage.




From WS

Great stuff, been listening all afternoon

Welsh Shepherd





From Colin F

What a fantasia station, I listen when ever I can. The best for a long time, 73s Thanks a lot Garry.






From Alan F

The station is great, good luck.






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